Your questions answered

What is the minimum/maximum GDV?

We have a GDV target of between £2,000,000 and £15,000,000. For GDV per unit, it should be no more than £700k for Home Counties and £400k for other areas. However, exceptions to this will apply depending on the actual project and location.

What parts of the country do you cover?

We cover England and Wales and are particularly attracted to projects outside of London. The ideal project is low cost and high volume. Please refer to our case study section for some good examples.

Would you do a Joint Venture on a commercial development?

We don’t do Joint Ventures on pure commercial developments. However, dependant on the project, we will consider a development that has a mix of predominantly residential with an element of commercial.

Do I need to give a personal guarantee?

Our responsibility is to provide 100% of the funding and yours is to look after the development, complete the build and sales and marketing plan on budget and on programme. Our Guarantee is the 100% funding and from you we will require a Personal Guarantee, which is capped.

Who owns the asset?

Go Develop will hold the asset/ development in a brand new Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) until the project is finished as a form of guarantee. Upon completion and sale of the development’s units, we take care of the finance side and split the profits according to the percentage set: simple!

Can I use my own branding for sales and marketing?

You are the Developer… Yes, of course you can use your own branding for all sales and marketing.

What is the minimum return required?

For a Go Develop project to be financially rewarding for the JV partner, it should have a minimum 25% margin on the GDV.

What is the maximum length term you offer?

Our maximum length is 24 months. This is because projects can get very costly past this amount of time and we are keen to ensure maximum profit return.

How long does it take to get a decision?

In many cases, we are able to give an immediate decision in principle (assuming you have supplied all the necessary information and completed the necessary forms). If you have an opportunity you would like to discuss, do give us a call on 020 8974 4705.

How long does it take to get the funds?

Each project is different. However, if you provide us with everything we need, we can process the application quicker. Our typical timeline between you accepting our terms to completing a purchase would be 4 to 6 weeks.

How does the profit share work?

We want to reward you for your hard work, so we always aim to share the profits at no less than 60/40% in the developer’s favour for an agreed term. This also provides you with a cushion for anything should it not go to plan in which case, the percentage may reduce. However, we are very thorough with our financial appraisals and our technical team will work closely with you to agree the final numbers before we start the project.

Can I input some of my own capital?

Of course. We can offer you a fantastic rate of return at 10% PA as well as the bulk of profits at the end of the deal, all from the capital you input.

If a deal is introduced through a broker, how soon do they get paid?

Once everything has been signed by both parties and we have completed the purchase, we pay your broker within 24 hours.

Will you roll up the interest and costs to the end of the JV?

Yes, no need to service any debt, all interest can be rolled up to the end of the project so you can focus on the development itself.

How is Go Develop funded?

We are a principle funder and we use our own substantial reserves to fund all Go Develop projects. This means that we are agile and flexible and as a result, can make decisions quickly.