Case Studies

Here is a selection of Joint Ventures, some completed and some under way:


Project: Warrington, Lancashire

No. of units: 36

Duration: 17 months

Total funding: £5,828,924

Introducer Fee: £77,616

A very well established developer came to talk to us about a new project which would see the demolition of a hotel and construction of 30+ residential units in its place.

This opportunity was too good to let pass by, but the developer had their financial resources deployed in other schemes.

Our promise of 100% total funding, allowed them to snap up an opportunity that would have otherwise been missed. We set up a SPV and purchased the site freehold with full vacant possession with the developer as a joint venture partner.

Work has since started on site to construct a total of 36 homes, comprising of 9 no. 2 bed flats and 27 no. 3 bed houses. The site is situated in a very desirable part of countryside which boasts strong transport links in the commuter belt between Manchester and Liverpool.