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Industry Update – 17th September 2018

The Housing Secretary has announced a new partnership with Barclays Bank, providing £1bn of loan finance (ranging from £5m to £100m) to help support small and medium-sized developers. At the moment, around two-thirds of new homes are built by just ten companies. The...

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Industry Update – 14th August 2018

The Government’s Social Housing Green Paper is out. The consensus: positive change, but not enough. Key proposals include improving the complaints process by providing access to effective dispute resolution; new reforms to make it easier to progress into home...

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Industry Update – 7th August 2018

Zopa’s plan to expand out of peer-to-peer lending is picking up steam as they raise £44m to develop their ‘next generation’ bank. A set of new savings and borrowing products will sit alongside existing P2P offerings. CityAM. Licensed conveyancers will soon be made...

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Industry Update – 26th July 2018

-9% slip in transaction volumes over the last year according to latest HMRC figures. Despite a month-to-month increase of +13% from May to June, powered mostly by improved activity in Scotland, the number of transactions recorded by HMRC has fallen over the past year....

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Go Develop – More than 100%

We deliver on what we say no matter what. Our reputation is our currency and honourable dealings are enshrined within our DNA and everything we do. We work as a team and like all good teams, we collaborate, we share, we complement and without exception our...

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Daily Briefing – 18th July 2018

Borrowing constraints, limited political support, and a lack of planning expertise is hampering council housebuilding programmes in London. Although they’ve taken steps to increase their delivery in recent years, the London focused thinktank Centre for London believes...

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Daily Briefing 7th July 2018

A new app allows users to find properties for sale and rent by overlaying virtual estate agency boards on Google Maps. Simply go to www.RightmoveRighthere.com and explore a location, double clicking on the map to bring up the boards in a given location....

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Where do you go… when the bank says no?

So many lenders have simply shut their doors to SME housebuilders but a ‘no’ can be turned into a ‘go’ with a refreshing new alternative in the world of development finance. Good SME developers always have more opportunities than funds available. Asset rich but cash...

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Build-to-rent vs buy-to-let

Buy-to-let has proved to be a fantastic investment opportunity over the last 20 years, giving many landlords a way of capitalising on an ever-soaring property market. But the shine has rather come off buy-to-let in recent years with tightening regulations, and a shift...

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Lending a hand to SME builders in the UK

Regardless of snap elections or Brexit, there’s a bigger underlying issue at the heart of our economy – the British housing market remains chronically under supplied and has done for the last two decades. Various figures are bandied around but many agree that around...

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The only thing certain is uncertainty

We all like certainty, none moreso than the markets and they have had reason to be spooked rather more than usual and have responded accordingly; expect much more in the coming months. The pound is now around the $1.30 mark, the lowest level since the mid 1980’s and...

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