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Build-to-rent vs buy-to-let

Buy-to-let has proved to be a fantastic investment opportunity over the last 20 years, giving many landlords a way of capitalising on an ever-soaring property market. But the shine has rather come off buy-to-let in recent years with tightening regulations, and a shift...

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Lending a hand to SME builders in the UK

Regardless of snap elections or Brexit, there’s a bigger underlying issue at the heart of our economy – the British housing market remains chronically under supplied and has done for the last two decades. Various figures are bandied around but many agree that around...

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The only thing certain is uncertainty

We all like certainty, none moreso than the markets and they have had reason to be spooked rather more than usual and have responded accordingly; expect much more in the coming months. The pound is now around the $1.30 mark, the lowest level since the mid 1980’s and...

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13 hours ago
Fantastic 2 bedroom luxury apartments in the heart of #Shirley. 50% of this #Parkview development already sold off plan. Not to be missed - https://t.co/Tq3z0LNEPi https://t.co/Si3vCowxYg go_develop photo
2 days ago
HMRC UK Residential Property Transactions Statistics - Jason Tebb, Group Chief Operating Officer of Go Develop comments... https://t.co/WAXOhBV0Gb
3 days ago
Take a look at our latest industry update - https://t.co/qvY4m3e6kg
1 week ago
Latest figures from the UK House Price Index November 2018 – Jason Tebb Chief Operating Officer from Go Develop comments… https://t.co/pbFP7JYyOF