So many lenders have simply shut their doors to SME housebuilders but a ‘no’ can be turned into a ‘go’ with a refreshing new alternative in the world of development finance.

Good SME developers always have more opportunities than funds available. Asset rich but cash poor, they need funding but profits are embedded in work already in progress. Sound familiar?

Recent research indicates that over a third of SME businesses find achieving funding from banks challenging. Even if a loan is secured, so many of our partner developers tell us their funders chop and change their lending policies, become obsessed with a ‘computer says’ mentality and drag their feet… a housebuilder’s number one enemy.

Now for the good news, in a world of increasing uncertainty discover absolute funding certainty with Go Develop. It’s a unique joint venture funding solution that provides 100 per cent funding for all land, build, SDLT and soft costs – that’s everything! Our developers don’t have to put in a penny and can crack on with what they do best – go and develop, plus enjoy the bulk of the profits too.

Working in partnership, there’s just one close and aligned relationship, one set of legal fees, and one survey fee, keeping things simple and efficient. No long-winded inter-creditor agreements, elephant traps and red tape. Oh, and no more Sunday evenings given up to tax returns, instructing legals, chasing valuations and surveyors – we take care of all that too.

One of our many partners nationwide began with one project and that’s now blossomed into 4. The first is in Birmingham constructing 21 homes and 4 apartments located close to several colleges and the University of Birmingham. Planning permission has been granted, and Go Develop’s 100 per cent funding of £3,358,940 provided. It’s due to be completed in one year’s time with a super charged profit for our partner.

The second development is based in Nuneaton in Warwickshire. It involves converting an existing office building into 26 residential apartments over the next 6 months. It’s an exciting project with the potential to increase the floor space and add a further 5 more apartments to the scheme. Go Develop’s100 per cent total funding, in this case £2,413,099 allowed our partner to snap up an opportunity that would otherwise have been missed.

The final projects are based in West Bromwich and the Jewellery Quarter which together will result in the development of over 100 flats.

We like to make things easy for our partners, and keep our criteria simple, with a focus on experienced new build developers and a target GDV of £2-15m. A project is swiftly appraised and a profit share agreed, usually with our developer partners keeping the lion’s share of profits, and allowing them to expand their operations over multiple sites.
In a world where it’s common place for lenders not to keep their promises, our developers are relieved to find that we always keep ours. We’re extremely easy to do business with and the fact that 95% of our clients return to us is testament to that.

We have over 1,000 units currently under construction with Go Develop and plan to reach £250m partner funding in the next 18 months. We are currently well ahead of target. Take a look at some of our other case studies here and if you’d like us to consider an opportunity you may have, please get in touch on 02089744705 or email