NHBC has reported a significant increase in new home registrations to 30,738 compared to 28,660 for the same period during 2017. Gov. UK

Research from the Halifax says that the amount of first time buyers in the UK rose to 175,500 in the first half of this year – with 81% taking advantage of the government-backed 20% interest free loan on properties up to £600,000. BucksFreePress

Government-compiled statistics show that annual (to June 2018) new build dwelling starts totalled 160,020 – a reduction of 3% compared with the same period in 2017. However, completions reached 161,240 – an increase of 5% for the same period in 2017. Gov. UK

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, speaking at the Labour Party conference, announced his party’s intention to undertake a massive home building programme and to penalise those with second homes in some categories. House-Builder

Responding to criticisms from Boris Johnson over Brexit, Prime Minister Theresa May announced a range of new plans including re-confirmation of a proposal to apply a levy on foreign nationals buying property in the UK. Irish Times

An across the board drop in house prices is noted in some reports looking at the overall economic impact of Brexit uncertainty on the wider economy. The reports do not explicitly conclude that this is attributable totally or in part to Brexit, though it is covered under the general heading. The Guardian

Some commentators have reflected upon the government’s recent announcement of an extra £2billion for social housing but have questioned whether this will have an appreciable impact or whether it is a question of “too little, too late”. Church Times

There are reports that re-mortgage options continue to be limited for Help-To-Buy equity loan homeowners. This is financially disadvantaging some of them in certain circumstances. The Telegraph

Planning officers have rejected an application to build 300 new homes on the site of Caerleon University campus (University of South Wales). The reasons cited relate to worries over pollution, the ability of the local road infrastructure to cope with increased traffic volumes, local school capacity and some reservations relating to the proximity of the Grade-II listed old university main hall plus other archaeological sites in the area. BBC News 

Visits to “Northern Powerhouse” destinations have increased significantly since the initiative launched. Visitor numbers seeking overnight accommodation has risen by 5% in a year. Gov. UK

McCarthy & Stone announced a new CEO (John Tonkiss) and is planning to implement a new business transformation strategy. House-Builder

The case of death duties causing severe financial hardships for co-habiting siblings was highlighted in some news reports. The Times

Faversham in Kent has been highlighted as somewhere to move to if you’re seeking high temperatures in summer, as it holds records in terms of highest temperatures recorded overall and during the summer’s heatwave. The Guardian

Rushmoor in Hampshire has been found to be the happiest town in the UK to live. A full “happiness survey” covering the UK has been published. Mail on Sunday